In Development


The May Queen (working title)

Historical-Drama feature saga

*Best Feature Screenplay multi WINNER

*Sundance collab selected & featured

The mistold famous legend of a pagan girl orphaned by the crown in 11th century England who becomes a Queen whilst seeking vengeance through occult power but must first overcome the abusive control of her ruthless ruling husband.

DIRECTORS: Richard Norton & Clare McCann

STAGE: Script/Lookbook/Sequel Outlines/Finance Plan

PRODUCERS: Lucinda Bruce, Clare McCann. 

Screen Shot 2020-09-08 at 12.11.14


Sci-Fi Thriller feature saga

* Best Thriller Screenplay WINNER

A scientist who lives in fear of visions of herself in alternate realities is forced to face reality when someone unexpected enters her world.

DIRECTOR: Lucas Howard

STAGE: Script/Lookbook

PRODUCERS: Laura Sivis, Lucas Howard, Clare McCann.


A Go Go

History Dramedy TV series 

* Best Pilot Screenplay multi WINNER

* Sundace collab selected

A young woman accidentally kicks off an international dance craze becoming instrumental and completely swept up in the fight for women’s liberation and other social rights campaigns amongst the dance revolutions of the 60s, 70s, and 80s.

STAGE: Trailer/Script/BiblePitch/Finance Plan

PRODUCERS: Clare McCann, Trish Ostigh.

Screen Shot 2020-09-08 at 12.23.04

Witch of the Woods (working title)

Horror/Thriller Historical-Drama feature

* Best Horror Screenplay WINNER

In 12th Century Russia, a young woman is forced by her stepmother to travel alone deep into the woods where she begins to sense the presence of an old witch of legend.

DIRECTOR: Clare McCann

STAGE: Script/Lookbook


Róisín (working title)

Historical-Drama feature

A Celtic girl in 19th century Ireland rejects her druid ancestry which the church labels and outlaws putting her life and the survival of her families cultural history at risk.

STAGE: Script/Lookbook/Finance Plan


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Benefited (2020) 84 mins

Dity has just found out she is pregnant but to a past abusive lover. Will is only 15 years old but is learning to break into homes. Ray struggles to overcome his violent past to become a father. Each must fight to just survive somehow.


Best Feature Film (Mindfield FF)

Best Feature Film (DIFFS)

Best Feature Screenplay (Reel Time FF)

Best Director (Mindfield AFA)

Best 1st Time Director (AFA)

Best Actress (Mindfield FF)

Best Actress (DIFFS)

Best Actor (DIFFS)

Unstoppable Creator (Sydney Indie FF)

Best Music Composition (Mindfield FF)


Best Australian Film (Sydney Indie FF)

Best Indie Film (Sydney Indie FF)

Best Australian Film (New Vivison FF) 

Official Selection:

Sanctuary Cove Int Film Festival

New Vision Int Film Festival 

New York Int Women's Film & Arts Festival

Sydney Indie Film Festival

Mindfield Film Festival

Aphrodite Film Awards

Reel Time Online Int Film Festival

Discovery Int Festival of Film & Screen


Mirror Girl (2014) 14 mins

A dancer at a nightclub feels helpless to help those around her but discovers she has more heroic abilities than she realised and takes on the villainous powers of the underworld. 


Best Perfomance 

Official Selection: 

Sci Fi Film Festival